(This blog was originally written and published as my research journal. The following description has been preserved as written at the time.)

Cartoon about Hilra, her friends and her disabled brother


Since I started this journal it was intended to be an online record of my MPhil/PhD course, from my point of view as a novice researcher. I have registered notes from readings, lectures, meetings, supervision records and personal impressions during the whole process. After three years of activity, this online journal has proven to be a great companion in my journey and an amazing source of learning experiences.

From now on another goal is incorporated to the existing list. I hope to develop here opportunities for sharing experiences and impressions with those whom I may invite to visit this journal. In fact, it is more a hope than an objective though.

Inclusive thoughts – the title

The journal is named after the idea of reflecting about education in an inclusive approach. Inclusive thoughts, in this sense, is a space to think, rethink, discuss, share, learn, develop ideas, ask questions,  search for answers and for new questions, and keep on learning, contributing, moving on.

Actively seeking inclusive education in a biographical age – the [original] subtitle / tagline

The journal subtitle is an expression coined as a paraphrase which embraces an amalgam of the essence of three book titles, which focuses in ideas that connect with the purposes of the research. The three titles which inspired the paraphrasing are:


  • Content

This is a personal log which only reflects the opinion and experiences of a single student. Unless otherwise cited, statements on this journal do not represent the opinions of anyone other than myself. Content on this journal does not represent the opinions of my university, supervisor, tutors, or fellow students.

  • Images:

All images displayed on this journal are used based on the Fair Use guidelines for educators, and the regulations for thumbnails.

  • Restricted areas

For ethic reasons some areas of the journal are restricted to the author and supervisor, and to other authorized people depending on the case.  I do apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you!


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